Our Story

Liamo came to life when mother-daughter co-founders, Beatrix and Emanuelle, were savoring their traditional martini at the iconic Claridges Fumoir in London, early 2018. Their conversation turned to essential wardrobe staples for the modern women and the need for pieces that married functionality with timeless style. They felt there was a real gap in the market for luxury pieces that could make both a younger and the more mature woman feel strong, stylish and relevant.

Perhaps it was being surrounded by such a classic, sumptuous Art Deco space, the epitome of British tradition and elegance or perhaps it was the perfect drink in hand but that conversation brought about the birth of a brand that is steeped in English heritage and draws on the history of fine craftsmanship and tailoring that the country is known for.

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Emanuelle and Beatrix divide their time between Monaco, London and the US with endless travel in between. LiaMo is a tale of how limitless the world is becoming today, how interlinked we all are across borders and how none of that need take away from a strong cultural identity and heritage.

The inspiration

Emanuelle and Beatrix have always been drawn to classic, sumptuous atmospheres, Art Deco architecture and had a real fondness for the iconic bars, hotels and members clubs in London. Their sense of aesthetic and eye for design is very much influenced by the places that serve as a backdrop to their life story.

Credit: The Connaught Hotel

Credit: Sketch London

Credit: Claridges Hotel

Credit: The Wolesley

Co-founders Emanuelle and Beatrix have also traveled extensively and enjoyed countless special moments around the world with their families. In their travels they have often remarked that the stylish elegant woman is truly universal. Regardless of her culture, language or religion she shares a commonality with other women of elegance. It is that common thread that the designers became interested in exploring over the years and wanted to somehow incorporate into their brand.