The Brand

The LiaMo woman

LiaMo was created to serve the need of today’s woman, a woman who is always on the go, the sophisticated traveler, the devoted mother, the accomplished executive, the woman who won’t take no for an answer. The LiaMo woman embraces timeless fashion over trends and has a strong sense of style, always remaining true to herself. She isn’t afraid to express her mood of the day through self expression and clothes, embracing that vibe in a way that is uniquely her.

The Collection

The heart of the Liamo collection comprises four key pieces that have stood the test of time, the trench coat, the tuxedo jacket, the military cape and the motorcycle jacket. These are pieces that every woman can wear and make uniquely hers. They are pieces that the designers have re-worked to accentuate the female form and allow the wearer to easily go from school drop off in the morning to after dinner drinks in the recess of her favorite bar. They are both versatile and stylish. LiaMo pieces always remain elegant, timeless and effortless.

Whilst the LiaMo collection has a decidedly English heritage, it is very much an international collection that is both timeless and borderless. Each and every component that goes into a LiaMo piece has been carefully sourced and selected by the designers for its unique attributes and quality.

The Ateliers

LiaMo pieces are all crafted using traditional manufacturing and old school techniques. We don’t believe that the digital world can ever truly replace the know how of an artisan who has devoted their life to their art.

In a second generation family run atelier tucked away in East London, skilled artisans craft the pieces that are the foundation for LiaMo’s signature look. It is with utmost care and pride that they produce the luxury leather essentials of the modern women’s uniform.

LiaMo silk pieces are all sewn in a small London atelier owned by a lady with over 20 years experience creating Haute Couture garments for some of the most renowned couture houses. She and her team of all female seamstresses are passionate about perfection.